1962 – Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium – Murata Masachika Architects

The Olympic Park was the site of the second venue for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, hosting wrestling, volleyball, and other competitions. It was opened to the public after the Olympics as a park, and today is known as a sports park that harmoniously blends greenery with several types of athletic facilities.

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium and currently used mostly for football matches (although mostly amateur and women’s matches) as well as American football games and athletics. The stadium holds 20,010 people. The stadium hosted some of the football preliminaries for the 1964 Summer Olympics. Worth seeing is the plant-like concrete structure of the roof on its west side.


Name: Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium│Type: Stadium│Architect: Murata Masachika Architects│Completed: 1962



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