1966 – Tower House – Takamitsu Azuma

When Takamitsu Azuma moved from Osaka to Tokyo in 1966 he built a house for his family. Designed as a continual vertical room for the architect´s own family, the staircase appears as the most significant structure in the house´s interior. It connects the individual rooms, which are “piled” one on top of the other without any doors separating them.  Outside and inside, the Tower House is in raw concrete with a visible horizontal texture which contributes to underline the stacking floors. A small public passage is used as well as parking. Once completed, the raw-concrete tower could have been considered the “skyscraper” of Jingumae, overtopping by far the adjacent buildings.  The Tower House is a fascinating portrait of how Japan society has dealt with the urban and social changes in the last few decades.

Name: Tower House│Type: Residential│Architect: Takamitsu Azuma│Completed: 1966



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