1935 – Tsuchiura House – Kameki Tsuchiura

The Tsuchiura family residence was designed by Tsuchiura Kameki (1897-1996), a successful architect of Modern Architecture, for his own house. Het met Frank Lloyd Wright during his studies at Faculty of Architecture, Tokyo University, and since then studied under Wright who made a great influence on the Japanese architect. Later he came to know the European Modern Architecture, so that he flourished as the architect of Modern Architecture. His own house is one of his rare extant works.

The house is an urban housing of wooden dry construction, characterized by an overall outer appearance of a large white box with large glass windows. The inside is a large single room without decorations, four-layered floor levels which skillfully made use of difference in altitudes within the premises offer a flowing movement to a visual connection and circulation. An excellent spatial construction unites contradictory elements of spatial unity and rhythmical chances.

Name: Tsuchiura House│Type: Residential│Architect: Tsuchiura Kameki│Completed: 1935



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