1955 – International House of Japan – Kunio Maekawa / Junzo Sakakura / Junzo Yoshimura

A private non-profit organization founded in 1952 to promote international understanding, the International House is located on the former estate of Koyata Iwasaki, the businessman who completed the formation of the Mitsubishi zaibatsu. Finally, it passed on to government ownership after World War II and was disposed of to the International House.

The building, which includes various cultural and social facilities as well as lodgings for scholars, was designed by an unusual collaboration of three well-known modernist architect. Two of three, Sakakura and Maekawa, had both worked for Le Corbusier. An addition designes by Maekawa was built in 1976.

Name: International House of Japan│Type: Hotel│Architect: Kunio Maekawa / Junzo Sakakura / Junzo Yoshimura│Completed: 1955



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