1961 – Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall – Kunio Maekawa

The Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall, built in Ueno Park by Kunio Maekawa (1905 – 86) in 1961, responds in almost every possible way to Le Corbusier, for whom Maekawa had worked from 1928 to 1930. In its variety of features and finishes not only does it recall Chandigarh, La Tourette and even Ronchamp, it also adresses Le Corbusier’s own National Museum of Western Art (1959) across the road. The large building contains two auditoria, the smaller one square, with the stage placed in one corner and the seating on the diagonal, and the larger one, the concert hall, with a horeshoe-plan and galleries reaching around the side.

Name: Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall│Type: Concert Hall│Architect: Kunio Maekawa│Completed: 1961



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