1973 – Hotel Okura South Wing – Yoshiro Taniguchi

After the tragic demolition of the main building, built in 1964 by Yoshiro Taniguchi, the remaining South Wing allows to retrace its architecure: Located in Toranomon on what had been a feudal estate, the Okura is an extraordinary testament to a key moment in Japanese design. It was built by an exceptionally gifted and diverse group that included the architects Yoshiro Taniguchi and Hideo Kosaka, the folk artist Shiko Munakata and the potter Kenkichi Tomimoto. Together they created a unique modern design that referenced the traditional colours, shapes and crafts of Japan.

Unlike many postwar Tokyo buildings, whose primary models of modernism were strictly Western, the Okura was built to evoke Japanese-ness, at least as perceived by foreigners. Among other frills, this meant hexagonal hanging lamps shaped like ancient gems and partitions edged with kimono fabrics.

Name: Hotel Okura South Wing│Type: Hotel│Architect: Yoshiro Taniguchi │Completed: 1973



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