1984 – Wacoal Building – Kisho Kurokawa

1984_Wacoal Building_Kisho Kurokawa 

An office and warehouse facility for a maker of women’s lingerie, this building is in a prominent location near the imperial palace. The client wanted to make the building  as tall as possible, and the architect created a nine-story structure with a distinctive profile. The walls are glass and Neopariés, a crystallized glass material. The bottom three floors accommodating the warehouse have tilted walls. Show windows face Hanzomon Dori. Showrooms and offices are on the fourth to eight floor, and a reception room is on the top floor under a double-layered vault. The round window on the top has pattern based on astronomical chart from an 1826 Japanese text.


Name: Wacoal Building │Type: Office│Architect: Kisho Kurokawa│Completed: 1984



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