1992 – Humax Pavilion – Hiroyuki Wakabayashi

Humax Pavilion is a postmodernist building designed by Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, in Shibuya. The black elevation and futuristic design make the building is one of the most distinctive in Tokyo. Today the building hosts the official Disney store. One of architect Hiroyuki Wakabayashi’s (*1949) first major notable works was a pickle shop in his native Kyoto in 1990. His 1995 design for the Rapi:t express train that links Osaka’s Namba Station with Kansai International Airport won the Blue Ribbon Prize. He has also designed Keihan Electric Railway’s Uji Station (1995) and the Mainichi Shimbun’s offices in Kyoto (1999).

Name: Humax Pavilion │Type: Entertainment / Commercial│Architect: Hiroyuki Wakabayashi│Completed: 1992



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