1995 – Kasai Rinkai Kôen Tenbô Hiroba Resuto Hausu (Crystal View) – Yoshio Taniguchi

This facility, which serves as a rest area and observation deck, is a short distance from Tokyo Sea Life Park by the same architect. It is a box seven meters wide, 75 meters long and 11 meters high, with an opening that frames a view of the water from the station. Fireresistant steel bars, 50 by 100 millimeters in section, with the fluoric resin paint are used as mullions and cross bars to form a cagelike structure that supports the roof without columns. Horizontal braces transfer lateral forces to the core.

The result is a highly transparent box, in which visitors can be seen climbing the stairs and ramps and looking out from the upper level. As one obeserver has remarked, putting human beings effectively on display as a counterpoint to the aquarium, where the fish are on show, is a witty ide. Air conditioning is limited to certain zones within the center, and on a clear day it can get quite warm for those who choose to make a public spectacle of themselves.

But looking outside, while the colder winter overlooks the Bay, it’s during the spring and summer when the flowers come out that the Crystal View Observatory allows one to see the beauty of nature all around.

Name: Kasai Rinkai Kôen Tenbô Hiroba Resuto Hausu (Crystal View) │Type: Entertainment│Architect: Yoshio Taniguchi│Completed: 1995



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