2004 – Tod’s Omotesando – Toyo Ito

The building is surrounded by a skin of interlocking concrete supports and glass, mimicking the trees lining the street. The organic effect outside of the building is particularly impressive in the cooler months, when the bare branches of the elms near reflected in the building. The facade design mimics the natural growth patterns of the trees nearby, and as luck would have on the sidewalk near the door has several trees whose branches run counter to most of the super-structure of the building, creating a mirror image of the nature of the architecture created by man.

Light enters the building through the transparent glass that fills the spaces between the concrete supports on the front facade on the north side. The glass is opaque to the south, facing rows of low private homes that provide extra daylight in the building. The building has 270 openings, 200 of which are only 70 combined with glass and aluminum. The concrete supports also serve as space dividers inside the building in which natural materials, stone, wood and leather, reflect the quality of the products displayed.

The depth of the concrete structure offers a neutral green tone, the color effect is the result of reflection of colored glass. Moreover, since the glass has no frame, creates a sense of bewilderment, as a whole, the visual appearance resembles a pattern drawn on a plane. The rear entrance to the building is shaped like a “house of tales”, contrasting with a door located on the right side, rectangular frameless steel sheet and firmly fixed in the same plane as the concrete wall.

Name: Tod’s Omotesando│Type: Commercial│Architect: Toyo Ito│Completed: 2004



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