2005 – Omotesando Hills – Tadao Ando

2005 - Omotesando Hills - Tadao Ando

In 2005 the huge urban regeneration project Omotesando Hills was finished. A mixed used complex consisting of 130 shops and 38 apartments housing. In front of the building is a grove of zelkova, a Japanese tree of leafy crown. For this reason, Ando’s proposal for the urban revitalization in the area, tried to reduce its impact on the townscape by controlling the height of the building in order to not exceed the height of the trees.

The concept is as followed: In a triangular plot, a ramp 700 m long, called Spiral Slope ascends 6 levels, around a large atrium of oblong and monumental proportions, naturally lit by a skylight. Tadao Ando was able “to use the slope of the Omotesando Street as part of the public space of the complex. The facade continues for 250 meters along the slope of Omotesando Street. Each floor is created in the same slope as Omotesando’s, creating an innovative urban public space.”

Name: Omotesando Hills│Type: Commercial / Residential│Architect: Tadao Ando│Completed: 2005



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