2008 – Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop – Junya Ishigami

Reflecting the surrounding cherry blossom trees onto its transparent façade, the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) workshop by Japanese Junya Ishigami offers a range of experiences within the one open-plan volume. Located at university campus in the suburbs of tokyo, the building was designed to offer multiple activities, enabling a sense of flexibility for its users. The brief from the client called for a place where students could work on diverse self-initiated projects of making things, while also being open for local public usage.

“To ensure that users would be have the freedom to alter the spaces to meet different needs within a reasonably short time period, it began to make more sense to me to pursue flexibility in the relations between adjoining places, and in the way various spaces are connected with each other,” says Junya Ishigami.

The resulting free-forming room both blurs its edges between the numerous internal programs, and also the connection between the inside and outside world. A total of 305 pillars are dotted throughout, with differences in size and shape they reference the irregular nature of tree trunks, evoking the sense of wandering through an unknown forest.

Name: Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop│Type: Education│Architect: Junya Ishigami│Completed: 2008



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