2011 – Iron Gallery – Kensuke Watanabe

Entirely sheathed in corrugated and rusted steel, the four-storey structure is wedged onto a narrow plot along a bustling city arterial road. With a footprint of 24.73 square meters and total area of 100 square meters, the construct is bordered on two sides by existing highrises and the chamfered front elevation accentuates the building’s narrow profile. Close discussion and collaboration between the architect, contractor and structural engineer allowed the project’s construction to be completed within 47 days.

Prefabrication off-site including the superstructure before arriving onsite and the units were welded directly to the steel piles with emphasis was placed on sealing voids to ensure watertightness. The maintenance free cor-ten steel will continue to age with time, supporting the antique contents contained inside the galleries. The facade’s surface was forged creating ribs for extra strength while shadow effects cast by the sun subtly shift the exterior’s appearance. Oriented toward the north, visitors see a natural green area through a large vertical window, extending the small spaces with borrowed views of the city.

Name: Iron Gallery│Type: Commercial│Architect: Kensuke Watanabe│Completed: 2011



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