2013 – SunnyHills – Kengo Kuma

The architect used a traditional Japanese joint system in wood structure construction called “Jigoku Gumi” to create soft warm human space that feels like a forest or cloud. The adoption of a 3D structure system enabled the cross section of one member to be reduced to as thin as 60mm x 60mm.

The shop, specialized in selling pineapple cake (popular sweet in Taiwan), is in the shape of a bamboo basket. This same type of wood structure that are as thin as branches which were used to build this space are used to taste the pineapple cake made from carefully selected ingredients.

As the building is located in middle of the residential area in Aoyama, the architect wanted to give some soft and subtle atmosphere to it, which is completely different from a concrete box, expecting that the street and the architecturecould be in good chemistry.

Name: SunnyHills│Type: Commercial│Architect: Kengo Kuma│Completed: 2013



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