1991 – Meisei Web – Edward Suzuki

The narrow, nine-story high-tech residential tower has been design with steel and other metallic materials. Its is located at a broad roadway near to Meguro station. The triangular form of the plot creats the building’s iconographic expression. Architect, Edward Suzuki, decided to place the exterior staircase in the cone end of the building to reinforce this form. The structure of the building consits of in-situ exposed concrete. The secondary steel structure, beams and wire, is colored in a catchy turquoise.

Name: Meisei Web │Type: Office / Apartment│Architect: Edward Suzuki│Completed: 1991


1985 – Udagawacho Police Box – Edward Suzuki

Udagawacho police box in Shibuya was designed by architect Edward Suzuki and opened in April of 1985. The koban is practical as well as photogenic: the owlish “beak” does double duty as a sheltered overhang allowing officers to park their bicycles on a dry patio. Though shoe-horned into a highly-developed corner of one of Tokyo’s busiest shopping neighborhoods, the Udagawacho police box seems to fit right in while remaining easily identifiable to people seeking assistance. The iconic architecture resembles an owl with a iron mask.

Name: Udagawacho Police Box │Type: Security│Architect: Edward Suzuki│Completed: 1985