1935 – Asakura Choso Museum – Fumio Asakura

It took seven years from 1928 to 1935 to build the Asakura Museum of Sculpture. Originally it was Fumio Asakuras home and studio. Although seven years of the construction period seems very long, sculptor Asakura himself was involved in the design and the supervision of the construction, so it was built in a way that an ordinary architect did not adopt. The modernist studio wing’s exterior concrete wall is painted black, and white can be seen in the courtyard. Here is also a contrast between black and white. As to the traditional Japanese residential wing, new materials were already applied to the walls, so we probed traces of the original walls that Asakura actually made. As a result, it turned out that red and black sand, fibers, mortar, and mortar mixed with lampblack were used for the walls.

Name: Asakura Museum of Sculpure│Type: studio, residential│Architect: Fumio Asakura│Completed: 1935