2007 – Design Sight – Tadao Ando

The building is a low-rise structure consisting of one ground floor and one underground floor. Most of the volume of the building, which has a unique form featuring a roof made from giant steel plates that slope gently down to the ground, is buried underground. Once inside, the space opens out on a scale unimaginable given the building’s unobtrusive exterior. The ground floor houses gallery and shop space, while the underground floor houses two galleries and a naturally lit sunken court. The building was designed by architect Tadao Ando. Highlighting Issey Miyake’s concept in clothing design of “A Piece of Cloth,” Ando devised the idea for the rood as one sheet of folded steel. In addition to the roof, the building incorporates Japan’s technology such as the longest sheet of double-glazed glass produced in Japan.

Name: Design Sight│Type: Museum│Architect: Tadao Ando│Completed: 2007


2005 – Omotesando Hills – Tadao Ando

2005 - Omotesando Hills - Tadao Ando

In 2005 the huge urban regeneration project Omotesando Hills was finished. A mixed used complex consisting of 130 shops and 38 apartments housing. In front of the building is a grove of zelkova, a Japanese tree of leafy crown. For this reason, Ando’s proposal for the urban revitalization in the area, tried to reduce its impact on the townscape by controlling the height of the building in order to not exceed the height of the trees.

The concept is as followed: In a triangular plot, a ramp 700 m long, called Spiral Slope ascends 6 levels, around a large atrium of oblong and monumental proportions, naturally lit by a skylight. Tadao Ando was able “to use the slope of the Omotesando Street as part of the public space of the complex. The facade continues for 250 meters along the slope of Omotesando Street. Each floor is created in the same slope as Omotesando’s, creating an innovative urban public space.”

Name: Omotesando Hills│Type: Commercial / Residential│Architect: Tadao Ando│Completed: 2005


2005 – HHstyle.com – Tadao Ando

The owner of hhstyle.com, Takayuki Harada, a personal friend of the architect, commissioned the project of a new store to Tadao Ando, ​​and asked him to, preferably, to propose a building whose formal language would be different than that of his traditional projects. Ando’s response, which opened in 2005, could not be more striking. It is a steel structure, massive, angled, detached from the environment, completely introverted and almost intimidating.

Andos design is an unusual origami-like structure fashioned from 16-mm steel plates. Although the site is relatively ample by Tokyo standards (352m2), part of the area is limited to steel-frame or wood construction not exceeding two stories. Furthermore, the lease for the site covers two areas, one for a ten-year period, and one for half that duration.

Two stories plus a basement arranged as a continuous interior space, this design store has a total floor area of 469m2 and a footprint of 210m2. In the construction rule of Tokyo that requires new buildings not to block more than a certain percentage of neighbors light, Ando crafted the form until he found the ideal solution. Just under ten meters tall, the dark steel building is painted with a zinc-based primer fluoropolymer paint. Just as the 4×4 House II wiil surprise certain people, so too will the hhstyle.com building, but for different reasons. Ando shows here that he can be a virtuoso with materials other than concrete.

Name: HHstyle.com│Type: Commercial│Architect: Tadao Ando│Completed: 2005


1989 – Collezione – Tadao Ando

Collezione is a commercial complex at the famous Omotesando street by world famous architect Tadao Ando. Ando has penchant for mazes, which he has indulged in the memorable effect in such works as Time’s in Kyoto and Galleria Akka in Osaka, but Collezione has a complicated circulation system that is especially disorienting. It ma strike some as challenging and others as simply confusing.

The geometry is based on two rectangular boxes that are spread 13,5 degree apart, a cylinder that interlocks with one of the boxes and a cube that bridges both boxes. Stairs wrapped around the cylinder and stepped terraces arranged between the two boxes provide access to the various spaces. Gaps between the volumes introduce light into its nether regions. An exercise club occupies the first and second floors and showrooms, galleries and the owner’s residence take up the top two floors.

Name: Collezione │Type: Commercial│Architect: Tadao Ando│Completed: 1989