1974 – Mizuho Corporate Bank – Togo Murano


Shaped with a peculiarly sharpe edge as its north facade, the building cuts into the space of the busy Eitai Dori Avenue it faces. On the east side, the facade is covered with polished stone-covered vertical wall segments which are also triangular. This project by the highly versatile Togo Murano brought his architecture close to Seiichi Shirai’s design paradigm of the bizzare (see: Noa Building, 1974).

Name: Mizuho Corporate Bank│Type: Office│Architect: Togo Murano │Completed: 1974



1966 – Meguro Ward Office (former Chiyoda Life Insurance Building) – Togo Murano

Architect Togo Murano designed this large complex with a U-shape configuration so as to surround the sunken Japanese-style garden with a small pond and an equally small structure that originally served as a teahouse. The multi-story blocks are charaterized by well-proportioned volumes and the extensive us of cast aluminium louvers in modular system and arranged in front of the glass facades. This modern exterior is contrasted by a delicately “eclectic” interior. The centerpiece of the entrance hall is a curving staircase, which connects several floors.

Name: Meguro Ward Office│Type: Office│Architect: Togo Murano│Completed: 1966